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CanadaBDFD Volkswagen Jetta GLI Light Painting Giveaway!
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Updated: 2012 Jan 7 Sat 2:33 PM
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BDFD VW Jetta GLI Light Painting Giveaway 01
BDFD VW Jetta GLI Light Painting Giveaway 02
BDFD VW Jetta GLI Light Painting Giveaway 03
BDFD VW Jetta GLI Light Painting Giveaway 04
BDFD VW Jetta GLI Light Painting Giveaway 05
BDFD VW Jetta GLI Light Painting Giveaway 06
BDFD VW Jetta GLI Light Painting Giveaway 07
BDFD VW Jetta GLI Light Painting Giveaway 08
Another BDFD giveaway, this time for a Volkswagen GLI Light Painting!

As part of Volkswagen Canada's "Driving Can Be Beautiful" campaign to introduce the 2012 GLI the company orchestrated an art heist, hanging these limited edition GLI Light Paintings in urban centres across Canada (and briefly online too) for passers-by to notice and take home.

There were three images from the long-exposure commercial illustrated in the paintings, with various numbers of each print produced, however we feel the one snagged for this BDFD giveaway with the VW logo from the end of the commercial happens to be the best. And judging by the scribble, it's image # 1, print 4 of 150.

The Light Painting itself is framed with a glossy front, which made getting the detail of the parking lot in the print tricky, so please excuse the reflections in our photography of the piece.  

So how can you be entered to receive it?

1) Simply Join BDFD and 'Like' the BDFD By Drivers. For Drivers. Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

2) Then post anything Volkswagen anywhere on This could be as easy as posting a photo, video, creating a new topic in the forums, or replying to an existing topic or thread.

That's it!

BDFD editors will solely judge who is most deserving and identify the winner on March 1st.
Note this giveaway is open to BDFD users internationally.

Good luck everyone! 

And for those outside Canada or who are unfamilar with the campaign, below is the 30-second GLI Driving Can Be Beautiful commercial, as well as the rather interesting making-of the commercial, and video of the public 'Art Heist'. Enjoy.

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